3 Projects
World Class Quality is paramount in all our Projects. This is why we collaborate with top rated international and indigenous companies to execute our Projects. Some of our partners and consultants are:   Lamoreaux Group.   Urbanaut Monorail Co. Inc.   Design Aim Architects.   Federal Ministry of Transport.   Federal Ministry of Works.   Ministry of Transportation, Lagos.
MetroRail Limited has a series of on-going projects. We currently have 35 year Lease Agreement with the Federal Government of Nigeria covering 74.98km of Right of Way along major roads in Lagos State. Our aim is to deploy an ultra modern mass transit system capable of moving a minimum of 2 million people per day within Lagos and Ogun States. This project would bring a positive change to the lives of the States' indigenes and its economy. Our current projects include:
Lagos MetroRail Project Bringing a strategic change to the transport experience of Lagosians is the core factor behind our plan for deploying this ultra modern, fast, efficient, comfortable and safe transport solution. Redwood Estate Project Located 9 minutes from Lagos, the Redwood Estate is a masterpiece created to provide luxury to the lifestyle of our occupants. Designed with the monorail plan to create a 1st class city ... Ogun Monorail Project MetroRail executed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ogun State Government in 2009 to deploy our monorail solution ithin Ogun State. Our aim is to create a new city in Ogun State, which links Lagos...
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