FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA MetroRail was granted a 74/98km Right of Way to construct and operate an elevated monorail mass transit system in Lagos and south-west Ogun Stateof animations for a 35-year period. LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENTIn line with the Lagos State Government's Transpportation Initiative, MetroRail has further aligned its deployment plans effectively with the State Government's Transportation Masterplan. LAMOREAUX GROUP Led by our Chief Technical Director, Lamoreaux Group has created a niche for itself in the transport industry, with over 83 projects effectively executed worldwide URBANAUT MONORAIL INC.Created by Einar Svensson, the one-time Chief Mechanical Engineer for Alweg, the company is involved in design and build sector using Alweg, Urbanaut and Maglev Monorail technologies.

MetroRail acquired the rights to use and collect revenue on the use of over 30 different registered patents, which includes monorail technologies, maglev technology and guideway structures. Some of these patents are: U.S. Patent No. 5,845,581 Title: MONORAIL SYSTEM Patent Granted Dec. 8, 1998 Canadian Patent No. 2,233,738 Title: MONORAIL SYSTEM Patent Granted Sept. 5, 2006 U.S. Patent No. 6,182,576 Title: MONORAIL SYSTEM Patent Granted Feb. 6, 2001 U.S. Patent No. 6,450,103 Title: MONORAIL SYSTEM (Maglev Guidance) Patent Granted Sept. 17, 2002 Canadian Patent No. 2437223 Title: MONORAIL SYSTEM (Maglev Guidance) Patent Granted Nov. 11, 2009 U.S. Patent No. 6,564,516 Title: SUPPORT STRUCTURE FOR ELEVATED RAILED -VEHICLE GUIDEWAY Patent Granted May 20, 2003 EPC (European) Patent No. 1137566 Title: Natl Phases: France, Germ, Italy, Sweden, UK Patent Granted August 16, 2006

MetroRail Limited - We are dynamic, unique and resourceful with a core focus on transportation infrastructure construction and city planning. MetroRail's scope of works covers: mass transit solutions such as:   Elevated Monorail Systems.   Metropolitan Railways.   Small & Large Scale People Movers.   Power Generation Solutions.   Civil Engineering Consultancy.   Project Management Consultancy.   Survey & Design Consultancy. Our Services also includes highways and municipal road networks design, construction and management, tunnel and bridge design and construction, capital investment and logistics operations, real estate development, administrative support,trainning and document control.John Cashin, GEOT/PET Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer John attended the University of Alabama (1977 - 1979) majoring in Broadcast & Film Communications. He also attended Texas Southern University where he majored in Geological & Petroleum Engineering Technology (1981 - 1984). He has worked in Phillips Petroleum, SOHIO (Standard Oil of Ohio), Union Oil of California, Gulf Oil, Chevron and Pan American World Airways in the United States. He is the owner of MetroLAN Ventures (Nigeria), a Value Added Reseller of Apple Inc. products, which specializes in sales, upgrading, repair and troubleshooting of all Apple Macintosh products and provides services to various clients such as: Thisday Newspapers, Tinapa Business Resort Ltd, Calabar (Office of the CEO), African Independent Television (AIT), NTA Network, Silverbird Television, ABG-TV, SO&U, Insight-Gray and private individuals. John’s involvement in monorail technologies began in 1982 when he was researching a transport solution for the city of Houston Texas, a major issue for his campaign for a seat on the Houston City Council at Large in 1983. He was introduced to Murrell Goodall, a Petroleum Engineer and CEO of the Houston Advanced Monorail Inc. Murrel invented and built the Houston Advanced Monorail, Houston Texas in 1956 and worked with Dr Axel Lennart Wenner-Gren (ALWEG) on the Disneyland 1959 and Seattle 1963 Monorails. Murell & John jointly presented a new modern Monorail mass transportation solution at a Houston Metro public forum in 1984 at Texas Southern University. John has since then liaised with various monorail companies and groups such as Metrail, Hitachi, Scomi, Bombadier and MonoMetro and has been a member of the Monorail Society for 6 years. He is also the founder of Monorail Nigeria Group, launched in 2001. He shall apply his vast knowledge in monorail technology to ensure the delivery of the first elevated/suspended rail technology in Nigeria-Africa.

Ben Lamoreaux (P.E., Project Manager)Executive Director & Chief Technical Officer Mr. Lamoreaux is our project manager, and will be the lead officer overseeing our construction works on the monorail project. He will be supported as needed by discipline leads. Mr. Lamoreaux has over 37 years of transit and rail engineering experience on more than 80 monorail, and automated people mover projects, light rail, heavy rail, rapid transit metros/subways, regional/commuter rail, high speed rail, freight rail, BRT, bus, and PRT. He has extensive experience in design, construction management, testing and safety certification experience with communications, fare collection, train control, power rail/third rail, traction power substations, track/guideway, stations, operations/maintenance facilities and vehicles. He has experience with monorail, light rail, heavy rail, rapid transit metros/subways, regional/commuter rail, high speed rail, freight rail, BRT, bus, PRT, and automated people movers. His experience includes serving as project manager for entire transit systems, being responsible for design projects from concept through preparation of plans, specifications and estimates; serving as engineering manager, providing design support during construction, construction management/administration as a construction manager, area construction manager, resident engineer and inspector, testing and commissioning, activation/integration testing, and operations/maintenance of transit systems. His activation experience includes developing testing procedures, testing databases and automated forms, conducting and witnessing testing, obtaining client approval of testing, for all transit elements.

Yetunde Fashesin-Souza (LL.B, B.L, ACIS) Executive Director & Chief Operations Officer Yetunde is a young, spirited legal practitioner and investor. A graduate of the University of Ibadan, Faculty of Law and holds a Bachelors of Law (BL) degree from the Nigerian Law School, Abuja FCT. She has over 15 years finance advisory, investment and property law and litigation experience. She has acquired over 17 years of experience in the real estate and investment sectors in Africa She owns a private advertising company AdvertAfrica Network Ltd and has just recently commenced setting up of a Business Management and Administration Training Centre. She has worked and consulted for various organizations including: Omega bank (Sterling Bank Ltd), Akbod Properties & Investment Co. Ltd and Cityscape International (Nigeria) Limited, Poly Products Plc and Domino Stores Ltd. Yetunde is multi-talented with vast experience in the use of a variety of computer software packages running on both the Windows and Linux operating systems to wit: Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac OS, iWorks 09 (Mac OS), Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Windows/Mac OS), Corel Draw 11 (Windows/Mac OS), Final Cut Pro, Sage and QuickBooks accounting system. She is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators (Lagos Chapter) and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association.

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